All Things Come Out for Good

Dear God,

I have returned to the Bible this morning, the Psalms.  David knew much trouble in his life, but he also knew much joy in You, much comfort, many blessings.  May I have the positive things that David enjoyed, but I pray that there will be no trouble.

Struggle is supposed to be good, making strong men and women out of us.  I can believe that, though I cringe from the negativity of struggle.

Take me and use me in any way that You deem wise.  I know that all things come out for the good.

Thank You for this understanding.


Rejoicing in the Day

Dear God,

I am rejoicing in the day today, sunny and mild, a spring day.  I got out of the house this morning on an errand, but I remained relaxed and easy-going for the drive.  Some days just everything seems to go right, and this is one of those banner days.  Let me not forget to say a heartfelt thanks that life is going, right now, so smoothly.

I don’t know if this sense that I have no problems is because of my gratitude list.  But I suspect that keeping this list has raised my mood and even given me more things to be grateful about.  We need our gratitude for time well spent.  Instead of focusing on something that might go wrong, we emphasize all that is going right.  And the pluses always outweigh the negatives.

Thank You!  This day is a bonanza, and I am grateful that You are blessing me with such joy.


God Wants to See Love in Our Hearts

Dear God,

My disappointment from yesterday turned to joy when I received an apology on email, followed by the phone call I had been promised. 

I discovered something important, though, about the egoic patterns that still linger in my mind.  Yesterday afternoon and evening felt fine when I realized that my heart was longing to feel love.

Once I had turned to love, You were back.  What an important thing to realize!

Thank You for the lesson taught to me yesterday.


Inner Peace

Dear God,

I am so happy and grateful for the fullness of my days.  I particularly enjoy reading and writing.  Not to mention a great personal relationship that gives blossoms of good will in my days.

Keep my mind/heart attuned to the good in this world.  Keep my mind/heart turned always to the positive.  That which is good, that which is positive, will make of this Earth a Heaven even in the midst of major struggles.

Our inner world is serene when we turn to You in all things and in all times.

Thank You for giving me a peaceful inner experience.



Dear God,

If I can sense being loved, I am happy.  I do sense this love this morning.  I appreciate the feeling of love, and I ask You to visit me for a long time today—spreading Your love, like a cozy blanket, over me.

Feeling loved is the most significant experience of this life.  I know I need to give back, and I do feel very warm and loving just now to my nearest and dearest.

Love is also how You keep Your creation from self-destructing.  If we didn’t have the experience of love to move us onward and upward, we would fall in a pit of our own making.  But You have saved us.  Your love clears the day of all hardship, for any and all problems fall into insignificance when we are faced with the experience of being loved by You.

Keep me mellow today in an ever-expanding experience of what love really means to me.

Thank You.



Dear God,

I am happy this morning! Thank You for the good feeling. Help me to reach out to others, to lift my concerns up to You, and to continue in this cocoon of happiness.

I do not always start the day off well, but today is an exception. I need to say “thanks” when all is well in my little world.

Thank You!