Rejoicing in the Day

Dear God,

I am rejoicing in the day today, sunny and mild, a spring day.  I got out of the house this morning on an errand, but I remained relaxed and easy-going for the drive.  Some days just everything seems to go right, and this is one of those banner days.  Let me not forget to say a heartfelt thanks that life is going, right now, so smoothly.

I don’t know if this sense that I have no problems is because of my gratitude list.  But I suspect that keeping this list has raised my mood and even given me more things to be grateful about.  We need our gratitude for time well spent.  Instead of focusing on something that might go wrong, we emphasize all that is going right.  And the pluses always outweigh the negatives.

Thank You!  This day is a bonanza, and I am grateful that You are blessing me with such joy.


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