Dear God, Stay Near

Dear God,

You know that I have been turning to You more and more as this year ends.  You offer me a peace and comfort, but with good energy—a profound peace, comfort, energy.  Thank You for holding me fast in Your arms.  Thank You for taking away free-floating anxieties and surrounding me instead with great love.  Offering me up to Your Love makes all things right.

Guide my words as I type.  The act of typing to You soothes me and gives me great joy.  May You never withdraw Yourself from me.  May You always stay nearby, living through me, as I know You do.

Thank You for the many blessings of this year, blessings that accrued even in the midst of a long-running pandemic.  May this next year offer Your Love in ever-increasing measure.  May You never leave me, but instead assure me that You are always at my back.


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