Law of Attraction

Dear God,

I focus on what I choose to see in my life; this is the “law of attraction” in full force.  And I add feeling to the thought, because feeling is an added dimension that ensures accomplishment.

I think God planned the law of attraction, mainly, for those who cannot seem to sustain faith in Him.  As I have long known, He is the God of the secular as well as the spiritual. 

We don’t need to think that there is a Higher Law that can overrule us.  It is really the “I” in the deepest portion of our being who might overrule our conscious mind/heart.  In our better moments, we are being ruled from an Unconscious enthralled by the Self as a hologram of God.  And we don’t fully comprehend this Self.

Thank You for giving me love today—Your love, experienced as much as it is possible for me this day to experience.


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