Dear God,

If I can sense being loved, I am happy.  I do sense this love this morning.  I appreciate the feeling of love, and I ask You to visit me for a long time today—spreading Your love, like a cozy blanket, over me.

Feeling loved is the most significant experience of this life.  I know I need to give back, and I do feel very warm and loving just now to my nearest and dearest.

Love is also how You keep Your creation from self-destructing.  If we didn’t have the experience of love to move us onward and upward, we would fall in a pit of our own making.  But You have saved us.  Your love clears the day of all hardship, for any and all problems fall into insignificance when we are faced with the experience of being loved by You.

Keep me mellow today in an ever-expanding experience of what love really means to me.

Thank You.


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