God’s Timing

Dear God,

I am marveling about Your timing in my life.  Today I know some things that I would love to have known when I was 18, and surely wanted to know by the time I was 22.  Why the delay?  There surely is a good purpose.

I was not ready earlier.  Surely that is reason that this part of my life was veiled from me.  The drama wouldn’t have worked out as intended if I had known the essence.

Thank You for the unveiling of my eyes.


2 Replies to “God’s Timing”

  1. The synchronicity of your post is amazingly Divine. Just this morning after meditation and prayer a major revelation came to me and I said out loud..to Spirit..i would have benefited from this knoeingvback when I was 22bor even 30..lol..that moment just seemed to rearrange my energy. Yes..timing is always perfect when it’s God’s timing..so now..i take it that that part of my past is healed..it seems I have a stronger light at this time..
    God Bless and thank you


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