Dear God,

When I get angry, I suffer, because anger is always unjustified, and, deep inside, I know that.  Help me to turn to my journal and vent there when I am overwrought.  I never get angry unless I am stressed.

Thank You for bringing me to the understanding that too much stress promotes anger.  I would reduce the stress, always and forever.  I would be mellow and peaceful, resting in Your arms.


4 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Righteous indignation is anger, God’s way. Remember that, at times, God is angry; it’s not unjustified with Him and, when we’re upholding His cause, it isn’t with us.

    You know what kind of anger you mean, though – I can appreciate that.

    Your letters are passionate and honest. I find that refreshing. Blessings.

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