“To Do” Lists

Dear God,

I am running around trying to do too much.  Help me to know that there is always enough time for what is needful.  I will calmly take a look at my “to do” list, and then I will start lopping things off.  So simple.  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

Many of us cram our days full of too much.  All so unnecessary.  God does not mean to keep us too busy with all manner of things.  Why do we insist?

I will not insist today.  Thank You for pulling me up short.



2 thoughts on ““To Do” Lists

  1. Oh my! That is definitely me — I’m constantly telling my husband I have too much to do and that I don’t have time to do everything. I get overwhelmed at times when I think about it. And sometimes, I make to-do lists that I never complete — haha! I need to just pray everyday and the Lord show me what I really need to do each day.


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