Law of Attraction

Dear God,

For Your universe to hold together, all in it need to radiate love.  And love is the very essence of positivity.  When I am in a very grateful mood for the many blessings that You have showered upon me, then I am in a positive frame of mind, and love is a heartbeat away. 

Help me to remember all this today.  It is the germ of the idea that You implanted in my mind and heart when I first awoke.

Be with me today for a good day.  I can focus on what is right in my little world, and that rightness will increase; or I can focus on the minutia that is wrong, and then that will increase.

I focus today on what is right.  Thank You.



Published by

Celia Hales

I write prayers, mostly first thing in the morning, to get the day started out right. I intend this blog to encourage others to respond with their own.

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