Dear God,

Thank you for family, loved and loving. And even if not always so loved and loving, they mean well.  And I mean well.  We need to give each other some slack.

Personalities differ, but the soul of all of us is together, indivisible, the All, the One, with You.  Help me to realize that however else I may differ from my family, they provided the essence of what I would become.  In my own family, expectations ran high for me to fill out what they might have missed.  Help me to forgive that high bar set for me.

Things turned out well.  And thank You for taking what I was provided  and making something better than dross from it.



Published by

Celia Hales

I write prayers, mostly first thing in the morning, to get the day started out right. I intend this blog to encourage others to respond with their own.

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