Sensing God’s Presence

Dear God,

When I let my mind drift somewhat sleepily, I certainly have no fears that intrude on our relationship.  I sense You deeply, as though You are giving me deep healing.  This is Your “felt Presence,” isn’t it?  My balm.  My blessing.

Thank You.

Help me to sense Your Presence in the midst of my busy day as well, not just when I am sleepy.  I want You always to invade my territory, for when I allow it, I am the most myself, the most my Self.  You come up from my interior, and You soothe me.  The joy in that is palpable.

Thank You again.  My gratitude blesses me, and I sense that You, too, think that I am on the right track, finally.



Published by

Celia Hales

I write prayers, mostly first thing in the morning, to get the day started out right. I intend this blog to encourage others to respond with their own.

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