Dear God,

Thank You for another good day.  And it will be a good day, after a good night’s sleep.  I am not always so fortunate.  Many of us lose more sleep than we would like to admit.

I was relaxed last evening, and so I knew that sleep would come easily, and last without interruption.  It is only when I don’t have that ease that I realize what I am missing.

Be with me today.  Help me to feel gratitude not only for beneficial sleep, but for other blessings that will arise in the day. 

A grateful heart opens the way to a more compassionate heart.  And this I need today; this I need every day.  Thank You for opening my mind to these needs of my heart.

And thank You, again, for the sleep.  A usual thing, which we forget about when all is going well and sleep we woo easily.



Published by

Celia Hales

I write prayers, mostly first thing in the morning, to get the day started out right. I intend this blog to encourage others to respond with their own.

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