Thank You

Dear God,

I was surprised this morning how fast You answered a prayer.  I prayed, and five minutes later—no more—I saw a clearer day, prayer beginning to be answered, and then, a little longer, and a prayer answered.

This swiftness helps me to realize that You want to help me to make my life work.  Your help is a free offer, no strings attached.  Or so I have thought since a mystical moment at night in Dallas half a lifetime ago.  A free offer.

I am grateful for an assurance that You step in and change things that are going awry.  When I open my heart to You, and when I take steps in Your direction, I find that you have a much more open Heart, and You have taken many more steps in my direction.

Thank You for once again turning me aside from skepticism about Your willingness, always, to answer prayer.



Published by

Celia Hales

I write prayers, mostly first thing in the morning, to get the day started out right. I intend this blog to encourage others to respond with their own.

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